How to Achieve Success through Personal Development


Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. –Benjamin Franklin.

Personal development might seem like simply another modern ‘buzz word’ floating around the office today, but it really is an important part of feeling vital, successful and excited about life.

We’ve all had times when we feel ‘stuck in a rut’. Days that turn into weeks and months where we get out of bed, glumly pull on our work clothes while sighing at the fact that today will be another ordinary day, just like every other. We are living our own personal ‘Groundhog Day’ and as day by dreary day rolls past, it is demolishing our spirit and lust for life.

Life is in constant flux. If something isn’t improving then the chances are that it is deteriorating. This is true of our work, our relationships, our finances and our well-being. You may not be able to change your circumstances, but you are definitely able to change what you do with those circumstances.


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What is Personal Development?


Personal development is simply making a concerted effort to improve yourself. It is trying something new, learning a new skill or setting time aside to accomplish a goal or complete a task you have not yet accomplished. Personal development is anything that adds to your sense of well-being. Whether it is taking the time to finish that book, finally painting the garage door or taking time to establish an exercise plan; personal development is key to allowing us to experience a healthy feeling of accomplishment on a regular basis. Personal development is much easier than it first seems. It is not just some esoteric phrase whipped around by sparkly public speakers but something attainable that you can achieve easily and will change your life.


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What are the Steps of Personal Development?


The first step is to DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT. First of all you must set yourself a list of goals; personal, financial, relationship and health related. Make lists for what you want to achieve within the next 10 years, then the next 3 years, and finally during the next 12 months.

Once you have your lists you must decide HOW YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT. You will need to review all your goals and break them down into little parts. If you want $10,000 dollars in your bank account in the next ten years, you know that you only have to save $1000 a year, or $2.70 a day to achieve this goal.

Once you have broken the goals down in your head, write on a new piece of paper WHAT YOU CAN DO TODAY or this week to help you reach your targets. In the example of the $10,000 savings, you need to think about all the things you spend money on. Having $10,000 banked in ten years time could be as easy as deciding to not drink a take-out coffee each morning and invest in a thermal, travel safe mug so you can make your own coffee at home to drink while you commute to work, easily saving you the $2.70 required to make your targets.


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The Benefits of Personal Development


Personal development is all about living vitally and consciously. It is about having the freedom to decide your goals and pursue your dreams. Personal development empowers you to take control in your life and easily achieve that sense of accomplishment. It is the sense of reassurance that comes from knowing that you are ‘on target’ to achieve your goals. If you practice remaining conscious of your actions and taking control of your development, soon you will realize that even the longest of journeys must have begun with the smallest of steps.


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