What are the Advantages of Having a Positive Mental Attitude in Business?


Pessimists. We all know at least one. Pessimism, or ‘cynicism’ as some people choose to describe it, seems to be a growing epidemic in the modern workplace. Take some time to think about the most cynical person in your office. Sure, they might be successful to an extent, they might be hard to surprise and always seems to know beforehand what will go on, but are they HAPPY?


How can having a positive mental attitude impact you personally?


A positive mental attitude makes you glow with a sense of optimism and certainty about the future. A positive person will often view any problems as ‘challenges’. They understand that difficult times can be overcome and they have a firm belief that things will get better. This understanding, that the world has many great things to offer and
that they have the power to change their circumstances, is key to being successful in business.


A lady working on her laptop with a positive attitude


Here Is An Example of a Scenario in a Business


Imagine a salesperson starting his day. He wakes up, drinks his coffee and already the tape inside his head is rolling, sending negative messages. He notices the garden; the leaves need raking. He sighs as he thinks to himself that yard work will have to be another chore on his long list of jobs for the day. He gets in the car he used to love,
noticing how the ride isn’t nearly as smooth as when he first bought it.

The same salesperson wakes up the next day. He wakes up, noticing that his coffee has a delicately creamy flavor. He congratulates himself on trying out that new brand of bean. Outside his window, he can see that fall is in full swing, the fallen leaves have made a rich carpet of russet and gold on the ground. He sniffs his coffee and looks out the window at his yard, before smiling as he gets into his car, remembering how he felt the first time he brought it home, how it was such a great achievement to be able to finally afford a brand new car.

On which day do you think the salesperson accomplished the most sales? Both days started exactly the same: leaves in the yard, an old car, a cup of coffee. You can see, however, that the power of perception has the ability to create a positive or negative environment. Nothing was different from one day to the next; the only difference was in the way the salesperson looked at his world. The first day he had a negative viewpoint, willing to see the downside to everything. The second day you can see that he approached the exact same situation from a positive frame of reference.


A man in office smiling with a sticker on his forehead saying Be Happy


Why is Positive Thinking so Important?


Positive thinking is an incredibly powerful tool in business. It makes us more dynamic and motivated, believing that our actions can have an impact on our circumstances. It lets us believe in ourselves, that if we put our hearts and our energies into accomplishing something we really can receive a positive outcome. Others also benefit from your positivity. It spreads throughout the workplace, making those you interact with happier and producing better relationships. If people like your attitude, they like you. Remember, a bad attitude is like B.O. Even if no one has said anything yet, everyone can tell who has it, and it stinks!


A girl standing in front of a yellow wall, with her hand in the air being positive

Positive Attitude is essential in your workplace, why is it?  To found out please look at one of our blogs Why it is important to have a Positive Mental Attitude in Business.


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