What are the advantages of having a Positive Mental Attitude in Life?


There are many advantages to cultivating a positive mental attitude towards life. Research has shown that people who possess a positive mental attitude are likely to live longer, enjoy better health and obviously report to being happier than average. In an online poll, 59% of people said that the “key to happiness” is determined by your mental


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People with a positive mental attitude are easy to spot. They may not necessarily be the best looking or the most intelligent, but there is something about these people that draws others to them. They seem to possess an unshakeable belief that everything will eventually work out for the best. This makes them far more dynamic, more willing to take risks and more likely to possess an inner confidence that appeals to and attracts others.

Even when they go through tough times, when people have a positive mental attitude they are less likely to view their setbacks as permanent, instead seeing setbacks as simply challenges that must be overcome. These people are the ones you want by your side to counsel you through your own difficult periods. A friend that can help you see that all is not lost and that there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel is a friend worth having.

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What Are the Benefits of Being Positive


Positive people are also more likely to take proactive steps to make their own situation better. A recent study showed that they are more likely to seek a doctor’s advice for health issues, more likely to stick to resolutions and more likely to take powerful steps in managing their relationships, finances and health. This is due to the fact that positive people have a deep-seated and genuine belief that their actions can impact their circumstances…There is no time to sit around feeling helpless when you honestly believe that your own actions can provide you with astonishing results!

How Can Being Positive Impact My Relationships Around Me?


A positive mental attitude can also be the key to developing great relationships. As well as being good in a tricky situation, positive people also trust others more and are more likely to see the good in a person. This makes them less judgmental and more likely to develop long and lasting relationships. We have all had an experience of communicating with someone who has very little trust. It makes us uneasy, we know that no matter what we say, the person has a negative belief that they are just waiting to see fulfilled. This is a very different feeling from the one we get when we interact with someone who generally believes in the good inherent in other people and who trusts us. This is the exact type of person who we appreciate for seeing the good in us, for believing in our abilities and who we do not want to let down.


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So when we come to the question of choosing our attitude, let’s remember, your situation may remain the same, but would you be happier choosing to be positive, or can you honestly see yourself being happier choosing negativity?

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