Why it is important to have a Positive Mental Attitude in Business?


“Many an optimist has become rich by buying out a pessimist”- Robert G. Allen

There was once a startup company searching for new employees to help it develop from just a basic business plan written on a scrap of paper to a fully operating and successful company. The package they offered was arguably unenviable. Founding staff were to receive a modest salary, far less than they would be earning if they continued their careers in other firms, but with excellent stock options.

Many people refused the offer, citing the low salary or concerns over the risk involved in such a venture. The company was looking for the best and brightest technical minds in the industry and many people believed that their worth should be reflected in their salaries alone, disregarding the optimistic forecasts for potential future stock value. Of the employees that joined in the early days, their job descriptions comprised of looking at a computer screen for long hours, working overtime during holidays and through vacations for relatively small (by industry standards at the time) rates of pay. I think we all know the end to this story. The company in question was none other than the internet giant ‘Google,’ and now many of these long serving staff members have become multi millionaires.

One might ask what separated the Google employees from the ones who turned down the job offer. Knowledge of the market and a less than cautious approach to their career? Perhaps. The one thing that we can tell immediately is that the handful of people who became Google’s first employees must have had an unshakeable optimism that everything would work out, that their actions and the success of the company would eventually bring great rewards.


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As the story of Google illustrates, a positive mental attitude makes us more likely to seize opportunity when it arrives, to believe in our abilities and that success is just around the corner. As Thomas Edison famously said: “I never failed once – it just happened to be a 2000 step process.” This underlying sense of positivity inspires us to
view even our ‘failures’ as experiences from which we can learn great things. Instead of simply giving up, if we have a positive mental attitude we are more determined to refine our performance, to try new things and to change our approach until we are near our goal.


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Why is a positive mental Attitude so Important?


Believing that success is just around the corner lends us a sense of tenacity that makes us look past our current circumstances, enabling us to picture a better, brighter tomorrow. What was stopping Edison from giving up in his attempts to perfect the design for a practical and long lasting light bulb? Why did the first Google employees stay with the company, working long hours for relatively low pay? The answer is that they each had an inspiring and unshakeable belief in themselves, in their vision and in their success. A positive attitude can make us ‘hang in there’ right up until the critical moment that ensures our success. A positive attitude can enable us to believe in our dreams and do everything we can to follow them through. That is why such feats are often referred to as the “power of positive thinking”. Positive thinking is thinking that gives people power.


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