About Jan Robberts

About Jan Robberts…


Mr Jan Robberts is the Co-Founder of Ki Leadership Institute Pty Ltd based in South Africa and Scotland, specialising in Values Based Leadership with its powerful Transformational Round Tables process which impacts lives from Governments to Corporations, from Universities, Colleges, and Schools to NGO’s and all denominational organisations. He is also a keynote speaker and has already spoken on 4 continents about a variety of subjects from bullying to human behaviour, and Living Intentionally to Leadership.



As an Executive Director and President’s Advisory Council member with the John Maxwell team, his focus is to change and impact the way people are developed using world class, innovative methods that are proven internationally.



From Leadership games to half day coaching or speaking workshops to 3 day combinations according to the client’s needs, the results are always positive due to the highly interactive nature of the training provided.



Jan is also very passionate about Youth Development as he believes our youth need to be provided with the skills and tools to become the leaders of tomorrow, we really need TODAY!

In all spheres of influence where he delivers this amazing program, it is guaranteed to leave each participant knowing that they deserve more, feel motivated and uplifted with the practical skills and tools that he uses to move them on a deep level.



Jan has travelled extensively as a World-wide licenced Round Table Specialist and has been part of teams supporting the start of Transformation in Guatemala in June 2013 where, in less than a week, 19,000 Leaders from all walks of life were trained as facilitators. At present nearly 500,000 people have gone through this process. Through the tears in the eyes of the leaders in that beautiful country, it confirmed what I want to do…to empower you to lead your team, your company, your country…..



He was also fortunate to be part of a team to do the very same in Paraguay in January 2016, where they trained 17,000 Leaders in one week. Already more than 150,000 people have gone through their transformational program.



Then, in June 2018, attended the start of another transformational program in Ireland, LIFT Ireland with his partner, where A dear friend has worked tirelessly with her team to positively impact the Emerald Isle.



His international experience gives him the perfect grounding to connect with individuals and groups at any level. He is currently working in South Africa to impact every area of influence, at every level, and all ages. The greater picture is to support a positive change where people value, honour, and respect others as human beings regardless of Race, Culture, Religion, Sports affiliation, or Historical Differences.



Jan feels that it is tremendous to be invited into a country with an entire team of amazing people but, he also firmly believes that there are enough people in a country who want to change their circumstances, their families, their communities, their companies, and their country. Let us find them, train them, and change your country TOGETHER!




  • Certified coach, trainer, and speaker with the John Maxwell Team.
  • Executive Director as well as a President’s Advisory Council Member in the John Maxwell Team.
  • Certified Human Behavioural Analysis Consultant and Trainer.
  • Years of intensive training with an ICF-accredited global coaching company.
  • International Values Based Leadership Specialist with a world-wide licence to train and certify facilitators.
  • Member of Les Brown’s Platinum Speakers, getting mentored by Les Brown personally.
  • 30 years in the oil industry; mostly at supervisory level and several at     project management level, working with and leading teams around the world;
  • Supervised and trained international teams from different cultures.
  • Worked closely with representatives of many major oil companies.
  • Sent to challenging projects as a ‘calming influence’, diffusing many conflicting situations.
  • Acknowledged by upper management for my communication and people skills and bringing positivity into the work place.
  • Continuously striving for increasing morale, decreasing turnover rate, improving team spirit, better communication, and transparency.
  • Attending seminars with experts in the industry such as Bob Proctor, Charlie’Tremendous’Jones, Robin Banks, and Les Brown
  • Reading a multitude of positive mental attitude books and continually implementing their wisdom in my life and that of others.

“To be able to give more, we must become more.”

My hobbies include Martial Arts (40 years Ki-Aikido), Swimming, Skiing, Walking my dog and reading uplifting material as well as spending time with like-minded people.

As a proud father and grandfather, my burning passion for helping others and adding value to the lives of my family, our youth which is our future generation, our leaders and our communities on a global scale.

I am excited and look forward to a passion-filled life of coaching, training, and motivational speaking/teaching from my heart, passing on my growing knowledge and expertise; To empower you and your organization to reach higher, go further and bring a positive change to its culture.

….Together, we’ll make a difference!

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