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Below are some of the Keynotes and subjects covered by Dr.Arthie Moore-Robberts

Some of her recent keynotes include Fortune 500 companies and corporates, from Momentum Holdings, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Deloitte, Alexander Forbes, and Africa Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Summit, Sandton - 2022.

Keynote -The Compassionate Leader of Influence!

The Compassionate Leader of Influence guides, supports and actively listens to their people. They are inclusive Leaders who encourage and entice the voice of their people to be heard, before they make important decisions using African Principles of Leadership. They use the 3 E's to stretch, grow and empower their people by leading not managing. The 3 E's simply allow each individual to embark on a journey of self-development whilst being fully supported by their teams. Embracing their Past, Evaluating their present to see where they need development in order to Evolve into a future filled with possibility.
As the business owner of 2 companies over the last 24 years, I have developed expertise, knowledge and understanding of human behaviour in various areas of needs, wants and desires. Compassion in bringing companies together through mergers, racism incidents and conflict is an area of speciality that allows me to help people to “Respect each other in the way they wish to be Respected.”

This bypasses Gender, generational gap, religion, age, culture, language, ability and disability issues within the work environment. Being a Philanthropist is my way of healing the wrongs of the past by creating Values driven organisations, homes, schools, universities, orphanages, women and youth development projects. People need to hear that they deserve to Loved, Honoured and Respected as human beings. It is the only way we can truly connect and begin to honour each other in this world. The best way to address the racism, anger, prejudices, stereotypes and programming is to create a different, positive mindset for all to follow the 3 E's. Embrace their past, Evaluate their present and Evolve into a future they so richly deserve.

VAK – Learning Styles

This is a highly interactive, powerful session engaging the entire audience to learn a very valuable technique that is guaranteed to improve their ability to communicate effectively, resolve conflict and have powerful insights into their relationships at home, work, spouses, friends and clients.

The session is fun, insightful and more than just inspiring. It teaches a competency that allows people to understand themselves and then adjust the way they interact to have more powerful success in all aspects of their lives.
Powerful in creating home, work balance, removing stress and giving them a tool that they can use to be more effective, assertive and focussed at work.This tool also impacts family life in a positive, amazing way.

Women in leadership, empowerment and development series of talksTalks specifically created and geared towards women in business, leadership roles and organisations include:

  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling. The impact. The journey. The freedom.

  • Embracing and Celebrating Accomplishments, guilt-free.

  • The Value of Compassion as part of your Self Care journey.

  • Challenging mindsets during this time, is an Imperative! What is your Self Growth plan?

  • Step up, evolve and grow! Intentional self leadership will upgrade your thinking, belief systems and unlimited potential.

  • Tapping into your potential. Harnessing the Human Experience as the balance needed for your professional growth.

Interactive Diversity & inclusion talks:

  • Embracing Diversity using a highly interactive Primer Quiz Process to stimulate conversations by allowing team member to engage meaningfully with each other. This amazing process gets them to share personal wisdom, experience, expertise and knowledge by understanding cultural expectations, nuances, histories and beliefs.

  • Fun, interactive and stimulating conversations that allow people to embrace diversity within the professional work environment.

  • Practical applications of African principals of leadership to strengthen your interactions with diverse South African teams and individuals.

  • How to use these techniques to powerfully connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime – regardless of gender, age, generational gap, culture, religion, language group, learning styles and personality types within teams.

The power of the 3 E’s

Embrace: “your past”

Evaluate: “your present”

Evolve: “your future”

This topic focusses on specifically how people can take full control of their environment, thoughts, belief systems and programming by understanding their own current situations.
It includes amazing tips that guide each person to be able to look at what has been holding them back, how to let go, seek new tools, self-development and techniques that will help them grow and then evolve by envisioning a powerful future where their confidence guarantees them success in all levels of their lives.This allows for them to be more intentional and focussed on what they want to achieve and to seek support through connecting meaningfully with others.

3 L’s to take back your Life!

Love unconditionally!

Live in the moment!

Leverage your talents and gifts!

Love unconditionally because your past experiences, how you were treated, your lessons are there to grow your vision of what you deserve and can have in your life.
Live in the moment, because you are worth it. Ask yourself, where are you heading? Change your inner circle, embrace powerful thought leaders into your life and take back control of your own life.Leverage What have you done in the last 10 years? Are you a good listener, collaborator, connector, communicator, mediator, great at sales?How are you leveraging that and how are you going to adjust now, be intentional and do more of it, to get greater results in your life?

Celebrating our Humanness!

What does that mean and how do I do that?

Celebrating our humanness entails understanding the various aspects of our internal thinking, unconscious biases, programming and stereotypes.

Then embarking on a journey to learn intentionally about how you can respect others in the way they wish to be respected.

Learn simple techniques that will allow you to connect and collaborate meaningfully with others by asking the right questions.

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Below are the main Keynotes Jan Robberts Delivers

Keynote: Values Based Living – How to create a solid foundation for your life, business, and Leadership Development.
The main reason why Leadership is failing around the world, is because of a lack of values. Here it becomes easy to think of and point the finger squarely at some global leader in government, business, showbusiness, the Media or sport. When I explain that we are all leaders which starts with self-leadership though personal development, this might take on a very different meaning.

Here we show every person attending that there is hope for all; That everyone can do their bit to build a great community, a great organization, even a great country! The only way this will happen is when we work together.

Building this culture on understanding basic human values is key! Culture is WHO we are, Vision is WHAT we do!
That’s why it is much more important to know who we are than what we can do.

When we start to live according to those values important to us, we will build a solid foundation for our life, our business, as well as our social environment. If we are going to lead, then let’s lead in the best way possible and build amazing relationships from that foundation.
3 Key Take-aways:

  1. Values are absolute key to our success in life and business, and a positive social environment.

  2. Walking the walk is the way to lead and live well.

  3. Without values, we are doomed for failure sooner, or later!

Keynote: ICE Cool Leadership–How effective leaders continually work on themselves.
With Leadership failing badly,
becoming an Intentional Compassionate Evolutionary Leader will never be easy…but necessary!Many people have come through an emotionally draining period, suffering from fear, anxiety, and depression with job-losses and business closures skyrocketing.
Working online has taken centre stage for a long time, and hybrid meetings becoming commonplace. To stay relevant, we can’t keep looking in the rear-view mirror but need to move with the times.

With people from all over the world, and from diverse cultures becoming part of our organizations, are you as leaders evolving enough and taking the time to really understand your people so you can become more inclusive, or are you constantly frustrated and feel misunderstood? Are you falling behind and unsure how to connect, build relationships, and stay relevant?
Time for all of this to change…. My audience will discover how to become the leader they are meant to be, through the power of intentionality, the caring building of relationships, and the need to constantly evolve and stay relevant.

Addressing these 3 key areas will allow you to upgrade your thinking and shake of the shackles of the past:

  1. Know the difference between having good intentions and being intentional.

  1. A Compassionate Leader builds better and long-lasting relationships.

  2. Evolving is about so much more than upgrading your personal development; As we evolve, we need to consider how we include and impact the people around us.

Keynote: The Upgrade – How effective Leaders continually stay relevant in an ever-changing World.

Great leaders continually work on themselves. We need more great leaders in this world, as many are firmly stuck with a fixed mindset, something they are either not aware of or think they have arrived, and further development is only for their teams. Their leadership is not moving ahead causing frustration, stress, and many other negative emotions, not only in their lives but also in the entire organization. In this talk the audience will become aware of the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset, the necessity of the latter, and how to indeed upgrade to a growth mindset so you can take your leadership to the next level and beyond.

5 Key Take-aways:

  1. The difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and why a growth mindset is key for real success.

  2. Why your mindset influences your behaviour; State of mind creates state of results!!!

  3. Discover the characteristics of a leadership mindset and how to develop those in your life and business.

  4. How to challenge your mindset on a daily basis; The need to be intentional in everything you do.

  5. Why Self-care is also an important part of that process. We are so much more effective when we are in great shape.

Keynote: Self-Care isn’t Selfish – Becoming healthier happens by choice, NOT by chance.

If there was ever a time that we need to take better care of ourselves, then it is right now!

All the challenges around the world are creating more anxiety, depression, and fear and it is so easy to get bogged down, with all the negativity streaming into our workplaces and living rooms via our family, friends, colleagues, and our various electronic gadgets.
We are no good to anyone else when we become sick or pass away. The only way we can ensure that we have the best chance to protect ourselves is, by making a conscious decision to make self-care a priority….TODAY!

3 Key Take-aways:

  1. What self-care is and why taking care of yourself is no longer a ‘nice to have’.

  2. How simple and easy it is to start taking better care of yourself

  3. Even though this is self-care, you do not need to do this by yourself.

*My Self-Care Series, including workbook, and E-book, are now available.

Keynote: Intentional Living – The present you give to yourself!

Most of us, if not all of us, want more out of life. That will be something different for every single individual. The challenge is, that, even if we actually know what that is, we don't really know how to go about achieving it. For those that do know, many put it off until ‘tomorrow’ as we are all so busy making a living that we just don’t ’have time’ to have a life to create the life we want and deserve.
To wake up intentionally every single day will completely revolutionize the way you live.

Intentional living is all about finding your purpose, your passion, and living every day to the fullest of your capacity. If you ever want to have a chance to walk into your Destiny, you will need to take care of your personal development every single day…Intentionally!
When you know why you get up, when you know what you’re going to do, when you see your life taking on a different dimension, you will start to live a life of significance.Are you ready to start living your best life rather than merely existing? The clock is ticking......

3 Key Take-aways:
1. How to live a life worth living through the realisation that good intentions are never enough.
2. Tomorrow will never come - Don't put important things off in your life and business.
3. The opportunity to LIVE a legacy, not just leave one.

Keynote: Don’t let the bullies win – How to get back up and live the life you deserve.

We often make fun of others and sometimes use words that are, at the very least, questionable. When we don’t know what goes on in a person’s life, this might just push them over the edge.

Today, this is an epidemic for our youth with the added pressure of Social Media through Cyber Bullying, but also in the workplace. Absenteeism, stress, depression…and suicide are some of the disastrous results.

The person you see in front of you today is not the one I was as a teenager. I am not where I want to be, I am not where I ought to be…but I am certainly not where I used to be because I got back up. My personal story will shed some light on this important issu

5 Key Take-aways:

  1. When you fall down, do not stay down – Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn

  2. We can blame others for what is wrong, or we can take charge of our lives (Self-accountability)

  3. Just because people can not see your hurt, anxiety, and challenges, does not mean you do not have them

  4. Be very careful what you say and how you treat people. The best way to treat everyone is with respect.

  5. You matter!

All our Keynotes, and talks can be adjusted to the needs of your organization or the theme of your conference in order to create the most amount of value to every person in the room.

Both of us are also Emcees and Panel Discussion Moderators

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