maximise your presentation!

This program has been proven to effectively change the ability of employees to communicate more openly and become solution focused in their work environment.

This 2 day workshop takes a very different approach to presenting. In a holistic way, it addresses the needs of the messenger as well as the message, with interactive, internationally acclaimed processes. 

When we deal with other people and want to connect with them on a human level, it is very important to get to know yourself first. This is why we provide each delegate with their own personality assessment prior to the workshop and give them the offer of a debrief session with our consultant. 

You will not only gain knowledge and experience in how to provide a more attractive presentation, you will also acquire skills as the presenter to engage your audience more fully, whether in a room, or from your screen. 

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  • More cohesive teamwork
  • More supportive and collaborative engagement at different levels
  • Sustainable Accountability and responsibility
  • Teams handle their own challenges without the need for intervention
  • Increased level of confidence of the individuals
  • More solution focused
  • Increased level of effective communication
  • Heightened awareness of the different behavior and communication styles within the organization


“It was a great pleasure to be part of this course. I enjoyed the presentation and the techniques of becoming a better communicator. My confidence has developed to present myself in front of people, because now I know the DO’s and DONTs. Highly recommended as will develop you at work as well as at home” – Nelisa Winti

“This workshop offers simple and practical skills that are easy to remember and tailored to your specific needs. Overall, I feel a bit more comfortable and confident interacting with the audience.” – Palesa Motloung

“The lesson of communication on all levels and giving your best to the audience with some new skills that I have pick up from the course. Also how to improve your presentation with small changes to keep the audience engaged.” Stanley Arends


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