Performance Management

Why is it so important to train Managers to have performance Management skills?


It is simple really… Your managers perform a key role of having to entice, influence, inspire and guide their teams to achieve amazing results on behalf of the company.


Add on to that…your managers also need to understand each individual within the team dynamic which is made up of various diverse cultures, language groups, genders, ages and personality types, experiences, education levels and thinking.


It takes a lot of experience, care and skills to be able to harness the best out of every person and still be able to perform well in achieving the goals and deadlines set out for each department and the company as a whole.


To do this, a manager needs to understand human behavior, be able to adjust, communicate and push without intimidation, guide with a firm encouraging voice, give thoughtful direction and stimulate every person to do their best and more.


We have decided to create a Performance management model that addresses all aspects that are imperative to the successful management of people whilst enhancing the effectiveness of the Manager in their role.


Skills that allow each Manager to take responsibility for their own growth as well as being accountable to their team.


Cultivating and stretching them to higher levels of achievement because they want to, not because they are being enticed with incentives. Taking pride in the fact that the company and every person benefits from the cohesive teamwork across all departments.


Creating an environment of inter and intra –dependency.


Ki Aspect of Performance Management




  • Direction
  • Company Strategy
  • Company objectives
  • Own Objectives & Targets
  • Company Values
  • ‘Soft Targets
  • Current Situation



  • Positive Impact
  • State Management
  • No Blame
  • ‘Can do”
  • Up-line Management
  • Author of Outcomes
  • Lead by Example



  • Infrastructure
  • – HR, MIS etc
  • Planning
  • KPI’s
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Analysing



  • Inspiring Leadership
  • Engagement
  • Communication
  • Performance  Management 
  • Coaching
  • Positive Challenge
  • Delegation

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