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College and Career Impact Report Explained

I am excited to be able to offer our stunning College and Career Impact assessment.

It is challenging enough for students to choose the right direction for themselves at an early age but this assessment will really help them more than any other assessment I know!


It will greatly support students in secondary school, colleges, and Universities, to get to know themselves better on so many levels and be hugely beneficial as an insight to future employers as well!


Our DISC report provides them with a tremendous in-depth 40 page well rounded view of their behaviour style, their cognitive thinking and learning styles, study tips for their particular learning style, their leadership strengths as shown in the Power DISC, the way they most influence results and there is a list with examples of careers that would make great use of their strengths.


With so many adults already working in areas and professions which are not suited to them, causing all kinds of stress, diseases, illness, absenteeism, and the list goes on (figures from 70%-83% are readily quoted), it is imperative that our youth get better guidance to largely avoid  the same happening to our next generation. This Impact Report is a tremendous step in the right direction.


Parents and members of education institutions already rave about this powerful life changing report.


“I would like to say this is brilliant, but it is so much better than that!” – Retired School Principal

Powerful highly interactive half day workshops to give learners a more comprehensive understanding about themselves and those around them are also available.

sample workshop flyer and Impact report flyer

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