Disrupting Leadership

Through Innovative Thinking.

Intentional Leadership



Intentional Leadership will provide you and your team with the skills and tools to develop yourself as well as Include, empower and encourage your entire team. By fully engaging in this exclusive program, you will become a leader of influence and become a more effective action taker and develop in distinctive focused areas.

Compassionate Leadership



Compassionate Leadership will give you insights, creates an awareness, and provides you with a much more unique approach in the way you connect and communicate with your people.

Evolutionary Leadership



Evolutionary Leadership will teach you many skills in a most innovative and interactive way and will provide a platform of sustainability which continues to develop you and your people long after the initial excitement, euphoria and understanding has worn off.


Welcome To The Sustainable People Development Program, Using Values Based Leadership

“Our mission is to take your organizational values of the walls and put them into the hearts and minds of people.”

360 Survey

This is a free survey which will give you an insight into your organizational values, how people within your organization see those values, its strengths and opportunities for improvements…


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Aims & Objectives

To Inquire, Inform, Educate, Implement and Follow Through;

  • – Inquire about the current culture and situation within the organization
  • – Inform about the process, skills and tools we have available 

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Case Study

This process impacted an entire Country, when a team of 150 John Maxwell Team Mentors, coaches and trainers went to Guatemala to help that beautiful Country by training nearly 20,000 leaders to facilitate the Values Based Leadership Program.


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The Leadership Game

This internationally acclaimed gamification tool can help solve your companies challenges

Executive Teams

Executive Teams



Sales Teams




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